• RTI-111 (Dichloropane)

Dichloropane (also known as RTI-111 or O-401) is a novel stimulant substance of the phenyltropane class. Its effects include stimulation, thought acceleration, appetite suppression and euphoria. It is structurally related to cocaine and shares many of its effects, although it notably lacks its local anesthetic properties.

Dichloropane has been shown to have a slower onset and longer duration of action compared to cocaine in animal studies. Anecdotal reports characterize it as having the basic stimulant qualities of cocaine but without as much euphoria, more protracted comedown, and less general enjoyability.

Dichloropane first appeared on the research chemical market around 2010. It is among to the first cocaine analog to be made available (in limited quantities) on the online research chemical market.

Very little is known about the pharmacology, metabolism, and toxicity of dichloropane. It is highly advised to use harm reduction practices if using this substance.

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So this drug is rather tentative, not many experience reports on it and overall it tends to get a bad rap. For an analogue of cocaine it’s pretty decent. The worst thing about the experience is insufflating the powder, haven’t tried oral or vaped ROA yet. It’s really light and powdery, and I mean really powdery. Snorting this stuff makes you cough instantly, no matter how hard or gentle I snorted. I could feel a good bit getting inhaled and stuck in my throat, not pleasant and the burning was probably a 6/10. I had to instead load my dose into a straw and tipped it into the back of my nasal cavity where I massaged it into my mucous membranes. This worked better, but not perfect.

I must’ve done about 250mg over the course of about 6 hours while smoking a bunch of weed, and while it is euphoric and definitely a more protracted experience than coke, it was pretty compulsive. As always, mood swings are present after the peak fades and lends way for the comedown, no surprise here from stims. It wasn’t nearly as enjoyable as coke, and I think part of the compulsion was trying to match the euphoria that coke produces, something which isn’t achievable from this substance I believe. I did find myself needing to take 0.1mg of etizolam to take the slight edge off, which helped a little. The anxiety and depression the next day weren’t as bad as coke, probably because the significant difference in dopamine release between the two drugs. Considering the active metabolites of RTI-111 have a longer half-life than coke, I was surprised to find sleep wasn’t impossible after about an hour and a half since last dose of the night and a 0.5mg etizolam to put me out. I must also note my stimulant tolerance is about low-medium.

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RTI-111 (Dichloropane)

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